Brainwash is a nonprofit organization, which provides guidance through yoga for patients and their families, who suffered traumatic brain injuries and/or has any physical or learning disability. The creation of the organization is based on personal experiences. The president Luisa Fernanda Kim, was involved in a car accident at the beginning of 2006, she could not walk or talk, and thanks to God, different types of therapy, from physical to music therapy, and months later yoga, she regained mobility and her voice back. Nowadays, she is pursuing a master in social work (MSW). She believes that having more knowledge, next to her own experiences, will give her more accuracy to help people overcome any difficulties.

Brainwash is a non-profit organization that wants to teach yoga to traumatic brain injury patients and anyone who has a disability, needs help, like substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, etc. Additionally, Brainwash wants to integrate these patients with their families, friends, and random people to make patients feel part of the whole society.

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